Responsible Betting

Like any other speculative activity, betting on a race has its risk of losing the capital. Responsible betting means taking intelligent and informed decisions and not to be ignorant and impulsive. It also means staying in control of how much time and money one spends on betting.

We suggest following measures to safeguard your interests:

  1. Set a money limit for your daily betting irrespective of whether you win or lose. Do not spend more money or time than one can reasonably afford, keeping in mind all other responsibilities in life.
  2. Do not bet when you are depressed or upset.
  3. Do not bet under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  4. Exercise self control – master your emotions.
  5. Make only 2-3 selective bets per day. Do not insist on playing all bets/tips. Bookmakers have to price up every race, that is their business model. However, punters have to pick and choose the races they want to bet.
  6. Do not try to chase losses as chasing losses will cause you to become careless and leads to further losses. Wait for opportunities and play only when you know you have a favorable bet.
  7. Do not play further bets after meeting your target profit in a day.
  8. Keep a watch on unusual movements in odds before using the tips.

We at Punterspot endeavor to help our customers to participate in horse race betting in an informed and responsible way.

Remember, the more Disciplined and Steadfast you are the Luckier you Get